Beginning & Vision

When Heritage Covenant Schools was founded over three decades ago (in 1986), the concept of home education was relatively new.  It was not only considered to be out of the main-stream, but completely foreign to legitimate education.

The state’s school system saw home education as a rejection of the programs and procedures which had been developed by the “schooling” bureaucracy for over a hundred years—they were right.  Many Christian schools considered home education as a threat to their existence and a drain on their financial stability—they were wrong.  Instead, home education has been a solid source of families committed to a sound, biblical education.

Heritage Covenant Schools was the first school in Tennessee specifically established to work with home educators.  Rather than making adjustments from the pre-existing day-school services and procedures, a conscious effort was made to design reporting forms which would provide a concise and accurate record of the student’s in-home educational progress with a minimum of parental paperwork.

As a church-related school, Heritage Covenant has established itself as a leader in working with parents and curriculum authors to develop better concepts and methods of instruction and learning.  While there is “nothing new under the sun,” we must be determined to provide the best innovations for the education of our children.

The four quadrants of the Heritage Covenant Schools crest are divided by the St. Andrew’s cross, traditional to Scot-Irish and Southern peoples.  On the left is the statue of the southern patriot in the square in Franklin, (where HCS was originally located).  At the bottom is the Bible with the scales which declare that all things are measured by God’s Word.  On the right is a scroll with the torch of learning.  Together the three symbolize heritage and covenant and schools.

 Across the crown of the crest is the HCS motto
Translated from Latin, it means:
Without Christ, all knowledge is worthless