1. Is Heritage Covenant Schools an “umbrella for homeschoolers?  
    HCS does not operate under the provisions of the homeschool law (TCA 49-6-3050) nor does HCS enroll students as “homeschoolers. HCS operates solely under the provisions of the church-related school act (TCA 49-50-801) and enrolls students in a program of “satellite classrooms. HCS was the first church-related school to understand the significant benefits to students enrolled in this manner. HCS is the only church-related school which consistently maintains this status. For a more thorough explanation, see “Tennessee Law” in this website.
  2. Does Heritage Covenant Schools dictate curriculum?  
    The volunteer teacher/parent is free to select the curriculum which best suits the learning needs of their student. HCS will make recommendations when asked.
  3. What kind of reporting does Heritage Covenant Schools require?  
    An attendance report form is provided for each student, maintained by the volunteer teacher/parent, and returned to the HCS office at the end of the school calendar. Four progress (Goal & Evaluation) forms are also provided for each student, one being returned by the volunteer teacher/parent to the HCS office at the end of each quarter of the school calendar. Specific instructions are provided in the HCS handbook which is provided both in hard-copy and on-line.
  4. Does Heritage Covenant Schools require testing at particular grade levels?
    Most parents know how their child is progressing more specifically than any test will show. Although many parents new to the experience of teaching their children at home experience anxiety over their performance as teachers, a step-back observation of the progress of their students with the adminstrator or a educational mentor should relieve that anxiety.
  5. Is HCS enrollment open to everyone?
    Yes. Heritage Covenant Schools maintains a decidedly Christian ethic and worldview, but does not exclude anyone from enrollment because of ethnicity, nationality, or religious viewpoint. We have enrolled atheists, animists, Hindus, and Muslims.
  6. How can I overcome my feelings of inadequacy in teaching my child, especially my high schooler?
    Face it! We are all inadequate to the job! No one has complete knowledge of everything. What you do have is a knowledge of the interests and capabilities and learning styles of your child. The state’s system cannot do a better job. For teens, see the article “8 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Study at Home.”
  7. How can I enroll my students with Heritage Covenant Schools?  
    Complete and mail an application for each student with the appropriate administrative fee to the HCS office. Applications for high schoolers must be completed during an interview with the HCS headmaster. An Application may be printed off this website or receive one by mail, just request it by phone (877 239-2505) or e-mail Headmaster@HCSedu.com.
  8. What is the cost involved with Heritage Covenant Schools?  
    HCS charges an annual administrative fee of $130 for the first student from a family. $65 each for 2nd and 3rd students from the same household. Additional students may be enrolled at no charge. Newly enrolling high school students are charged a one-time fee of $65 for course planning and counseling. The additional fees for high schoolers pertaining to transcripts and graduation are explained during the enrollment interview and listed in the HCS Handbook.
  9. What additional costs are involved in teaching my child?
    The most important expense is your choice of curriculum. Costs vary but a family can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for a year’s worth of textbooks and teaching materials (tests, guides and keys). Up to 50% of these costs might be recovered by resale of the materials at the end of the year at any one of several “curriculum fairs.”
    Some parents enroll their student in tutorials for one or two days per week or employ a tutor for a specific subject – this is an additional expense which is entirely at the discretion of the family.
  10. Are discounts or scholarships available?
    Discounts are offered for early registration, usually during the months of April and May. Also, a 50% discount is given to those families in full-time Christian ministry. We also provide books at a discounted rate as they are available. (Donations are sincerely appreciated)
  11. Is someone available for media interviews?
    Heritage Covenant Schools founder, Rev. David O Jones is available for interviews.