No Heritage Covenant student should be registered as a “home schooler” with the local Superintendent of Education.


All students, teachers, and administration shall conduct themselves at all times so as to reflect the virtues of Christ our Lord.

1. When on field trips, all students will obey the rules and employees of the facility being toured. When participating in group activities, all students will obey the rules and will be subject to the leaders of the group activity. Any disruption should be quickly corrected by the responsible adult.
2. Parents who do not quickly and discretely correct and discipline (teach) their child are guilty themselves of rebellion toward the parenting responsibility which God has delivered to them.
3. Any student (or parent) who repeatedly creates a conduct problem will be dismissed from enrollment and association with Heritage Covenant Schools. All fees will remain due.
4. Any student’s conviction of a crime or placement under the supervision of a court will be cause for immediate dismissal.


At any event sponsored by Heritage Covenant, parents and students alike are expected to represent Christ well by their modesty and cleanliness.

1. Any apparel, hair style or accessory which draws attention to the person rather than to the task at hand is not acceptable.
2. Those in violation of this policy will be politely asked to correct the situation or leave the event. The decision of the Headmaster is final.
3. This policy in no way supersedes parental authority in such matters in the home or elsewhere.


An attendance report will be kept on each student.
1. A student is PRESENT, if during the day, they have received academic instruction under an organized format by their primary teacher or if they are participating in a field trip organized or designed for the purpose of instruction.
2. A student’s absence is considered EXCUSED, if they are prevented from receiving academic instruction due to illness or travel with their immediate family.
3. All other absences are considered UNEXCUSED.

Twenty (20) excused absences during any semester will result in the student’s scholastic achievement being reviewed to determine the appropriateness of grade level advancement.
Five (5) unexcused absences during any semester will result in the student being reported as in violation of the compulsory attendance law of Tennessee.


An academic evaluation is to be turned in to the HCS office within two weeks of the end of each quarter and will be placed in the student’s permanent file.

The Quarterly periods are printed on the report forms.

     All forms are available on this site as well as from the HCS office. It is the responsibility of each parent to obtain the forms.
     Failure to file timely reports will be considered as an admission of noncompliance with the compulsory attendance law of Tennessee. High schoolers with a Tennessee driver’s license also face the suspension or denial of their license.


Report cards are issued for grades K thru 8 mid-term (if reports have been received on time) and at the end of the school year when the final reports are received by the HCS office. At year-end, high schoolers are issued an updated transcript as Course Completion Certification (explained in High School Info) forms are filed.


All paid staff and faculty are required to affirm their agreement with the Apostles Creed and the Heritage Covenant Schools Philosophy of Education and Statement of Biblical Truth.
     All volunteer staff and faculty must understand that HCS is based upon the three items above as Foundation Stones of its operational philosophy.


All faculty are requested to attend six (6) hours of in-service training each school year. These hours may be earned through seminars, workshops, and conferences sponsored by school associations (i.e. TACRS), home education associations, curriculum publishers, or local support groups.  A report of in-service hours is to be filed with the HCS office at the end of the school year.


HCS no longer administers standardized testing. 
     Most parents know how their child is progressing more specifically than any test will show. Although many parents new to home education have anxiety over their performance as teachers, a step-back observation of the progress of their students with the administrator or a educational mentor should relieve that anxiety