Instructions – Reports & Grading


These quarterly reports document the educational progress of each student through the school year. They become a part of the student’s permanent record.

At the beginning of each quarter:
1. fill out the GENERALIZED GOAL / SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES for each subject applicable to student.

At the end of each quarter:
1. fill out the EVALUATION,
2. assign a letter grade for each subject,
3. The original copy of the form is to be mailed to Heritage Covenant within two weeks of the end of the quarter. Forms may also be eMailed to

STUDENT NAME: Full legal name.
REPORTING PERIOD: Check the proper quarter.
ABSENCES THIS PERIOD: Enter the number of Excused and Unexcused Absences during the quarter.
ELEMENTARY FORM: In order to simplify reporting, we have specified certain subject groupings. No student is expected to study in all the areas specified. In fact, we recognize that students in the early grades might have a couple of subjects which will be included under a single subject heading. GRADE LEVEL OF MATERIALS: Enter the grade (K through 8) of the curriculum, if so designated by the publisher.
HIGH SCHOOL FORM: Must conform with the HCHS course listing.
GENERALIZED GOAL / SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: This should be a summary of what material you expect the student to be studying during the quarter. You may give by topic (e.g. subtraction; or adjectives, or India) or by section of the text (e.g. text titled…, pages 50-110; etc.)
EVALUATION: See examples. If private/group instruction is received, it would be helpful for the private/group teacher to make the evaluation.
GRADE: This is determined by the parent/teacher using a combination of testing and evaluation of daily work. A letter grade is to be assigned for all academic work. At the elementary level, non-academic work (Music/Art, Physical Education)  may be assigned an E/S/U grading.

Excellent (E)         90-92 = A-;  93-99 = A;     100 = A+  
Surpassing (S+)   80-82 = B-;  83-86 = B;  87-89 = B+
Satisfactory (S)    70-72 = C-; 73-76 = C;  77-79 = C+
Unsatisfactory (U)                      1-69 = F

All elementary level report cards and high school transcripts issued by Heritage Covenant will reflect the letter grades recommended by the parent/teacher.


Course Completion Certification Forms are the means by which High School courses are credited to the student and posted on their transcript.
These forms should be filled out when a course has been completed or at the end of the academic year, The form with the appropriate fees ($5 per course completed) should be mailed to Heritage Covenant.

COURSE TITLE: Refer to the courses by name as indicated in Diploma Requirements (page 18) or call the HCS office.
GRADE FOR EACH SEMESTER COMPLETED: Provide a letter grade for every semester of the course.
If a full credit course is completed in one semester, report two semester grades.
If the course is for only one semester, report the grade in the appropriate semester’s space.
METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: Circle the method by which the course was taken.
DATE OF COMPLETION: Enter the date the student finished the course.
COURSE TEACHER: Enter the name of whoever taught the course.
SIGNATURE: Either the private or group instructor or the parent teacher may certify the course.

All forms are available from the HCS office (931-593-2881) and can be printed from our website,