Heritage Covenant Schools promotes and provides!

HCS PROMOTES home education.

HCS PROVIDES support services for families who wish to teach their children at home, such as:
Storing & maintaining academic records
Personal counsel and support with just an email or phone call

Heritage Covenant Schools was the first school in Tennessee established to work primarily with families who wish an alternative education for their children.

Heritage Covenant Schools was the first school to recognize the defects of the Tennessee home school law and to develop an alternative which we call “satellite classrooms.” After a twelve year up-hill struggle, the concept developed by our founder Rev. David O. Jones became recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education through the publication of the Jeter Memorandum.

Heritage Covenant Schools was the first school to specifically design reporting procedures which provide a concise and accurate record of educational progress for the student educated outside the traditional classroom which are consistent with public and private school systems. Because HCS did not begin as a regular day school, its services and procedures are not an adjustment from something else.

Heritage Covenant Schools is a Tennessee church related school.

2018-19 is our 33rd Year of Service to the Families of Tennessee

“Thanks so much for another school year and continuing to enjoy the freedom of having an alternative to the public school system. I don’t think the Lord gave us children to send off and let some one else raise.” — N.C. (mother)