Discover the What, Who, and Why of Heritage Covenant Schools.

First, let us focus on our emphasis.

Personal Attention –When you call Heritage Covenant Schools, your question will be answered. You will receive answers and advice from someone who knows firsthand the desire to educate their own children as well as the details of Tennessee law. If a machine takes your message, your call will be returned within twenty-four hours.

Professional Record Keeping –Academic records are kept in a combination of electronic and hard-copy methods so that the possibility of loss is minimized. While the student’s records are always open to the custodial parent’s review, they are protected from everyone else’s.

Positive Protection –Many Christian parents want to provide a quality education within the home, but feel hindered by the possibility of state regulation. Enrolling your child as a student in the Satellite Classroom program of Heritage Covenant Schools works to protect both parent and child. Heritage Covenant Schools provides its services solely under the provisions of the Church-related Schools Act, thus it acts as a secure buffer between the state and the family. (HCS created the concept of the Satellite classroom, and is the only program in Tennessee which fully understands the details necessary to comply with Tennessee Code.)

     With both the State and Federal Departments of Education becoming more proactive in collecting student names, addresses, and other data, HCS wants to assure all parents that such information is considered private and available only to the custodial parent(s).